Case History

Special finishing machines created by VOLPATO

Over the course of its history, VOLPATO has been involved in the manufacture of specialized finishing machines that have been designed according to the specific needs of individual customers. In this section you can find all of the examples of customized machinery from the exceptional corporate team, that constantly develops innovative technological solutions.

Machine for cleaning plastic injection moulding

VOLPATO, among its many made-to-measure creations, has been involved in producing a machine for cleaning injection molds for plastics.

Sanding machine for curved parts of loudspeakers

For a company that deals with the creation of audio speakers, VOLPATO has created a machine for sanding the loudspeakers with special curved components.

Machines for sanding and grinding Hockey sticks

Among the customers who have used the VOLPATO customized design service, there are some who create sporting products.

Machine for sanding and grinding of transition joint covers

Among the many customized designs, VOLPATO has been able to deal with the development of a machine for sanding and grinding transition joint covers.

Sanding machine for components of exhibition stand structures

As proof of the numerous customization options offered, VOLPATO is able to manufacture a sander for the components of exhibition stand structures.

Machine for sanding of assembled, raw and painted funeral coffins

Among the projects carried out by VOLPATO over the years, this one relates to the production of a machine for sanding coffins.