Manufacturers of custom sanding machines for wood, aluminium, metals and plastics

Founded in 1957 as LASM snc of VOLPATO M. & C. and later becoming VOLPATO SRL, the company found from the very beginning, in the field of sanding, a fertile terrain for its rapid growth. The experience gained in this sector, the variety of models offered, the scope of its performance, the robustness, versatility, reliability, the ease of use and maintenance, are factors that have contributed to its growing success, allowing it to soon reach a position of prestige among producers of custom sanding machines for wood and other materials like aluminium, metal and plastic materials . The company’s success in the industry is also due to a loyal clientele, who have shown the company excellent collaborative spirit, allowing it to consistently improve their methods.


From the production of standard sanding machines to customized manufacturing

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The sanding machines for wood, plastic and aluminium are entirely Italian.

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