The finishing process for polishing metals

Metal polishing is a process carried out through the use of special brushes soaked in abrasive paste. Depending on the conditions of the starting material, abrasive belts can also be used to perform this finish.

What effects does it produce on metals?

Used for aesthetic and/or functional purposes, polishing reduces the roughness of metals, allowing them to be used in all types of industry of any size. In order to obtain optimal results with this processing, it must be carried out using high precision machinery, that polishes the surface of different types of materials, without affecting the original colour.

What polishing machines are produced by VOLPATO?

Although you will find standard machines in the company catalogue that are able to perform this particular type of processing, the main work undertaken by VOLPATO is to produce customized machines for metal polishing.

Obviously, the ad hoc development can be carried out for all types of machines and is entrusted to a team of highly qualified professionals who work with passion to offer the best results in terms of productivity for the customer. Furthermore, before delivery you can evaluate the efficiency of the designed machine, through the use of batches of materials commonly used within your own production line.