Verifying the correct functioning of the finishing machine prior to delivery

At the end of machine production, VOLPATO performs testing of the finishing machine to verify its correct functioning. The service is supervised by an expert team of highly specialized professionals, who are able to quickly find and solve any possible problem the machine may have.

What advantages does this service offer?

The company offers a high quality testing service for finishing machines. The verification is carried out directly on the company premises, in the presence of the customer who is able to verify in person that the sander correctly performs all of the operations it was designed to do. Furthermore, at this stage, there are advantageous services offered, relating to:

  • Training for the customer’s operator
  • Use of the client’s own samples for testing

Naturally, the machine will only be delivered when it fully meets the customer’s requirements.

On which machines is it performed?

To guarantee a service as complete as possible and in order to satisfy the needs of customers working with different materials, the company offers the possibility of performing testing on all models of finishing machines, before their delivery. Specifically, the machines that undergo this testing are the following:

  • Finishing machines for wood
  • Finishing machines for metal materials
  • Finishing machines for aluminium
  • Finishing machines for plastic materials

Would you like more information on the testing service?

If you require more information about the testing service, you can contact the company by simply filling in the form that you will find in the contacts section. By using this service, you will receive a detailed reply to all of your questions from an expert staff member.