Sanding machine for curved parts of loudspeakers

The manufacturing of a customized sander for the finishing work on audio speakers

For a company that deals with the creation of audio speakers, VOLPATO has created a machine for sanding the loudspeakers with special curved components. Its development was entrusted to the corporate team, who collaborated with the customer, in order to create a customized machine, able to meet every production requirement.

What advantages did it provide for the customer?

Choosing the customized design service, the customer was able to receive a sander for curved components of high performance audio speakers. Developed by the excellent corporate team, which is able to study extremely technological and functional solutions for the various finishing operations, its use has allowed the client company to:

  • Perform finishing with a belt, rough or painted, of exceptionally high quality audio speakers
  • Prepare the raw material for obtaining a glossy or non-glossy finish