Wood finishing

Wood finishing: a wide range of solutions for different sectors

Wood finishing is a fundamental process in many industrial and craft sectors in order to refine wood surfaces and prepare them for subsequent processing. Thanks to a long experience in the field of wood finishing, Volpato can offer a wide range of innovative and highly efficient machines. All the machines produced by the company are designed to meet the needs of customers operating in different sectors and allow them to create finished products of the highest quality and with accurate finishing.


Innovative, efficient and safe wood finishing machines

Different types of finishing require a suitable and specific wood finishing machine. Volpato finishing machines allow customers to obtain a wide choice of wood machining styles. Using the different models designed and produced by the company, you can modify your raw materials and personalize your finished articles with various finishing processes.

Wood finishing machines are produced with innovative technologies and quality components, to ensure maximum efficiency and high performance. Depending on your needs and the characteristics of your company, Volpato will offer you the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Wood brushing machine

Wood brushing is a finishing process and can be performed by specialized machinery, which you will find in the extensive VOLPATO catalogue.

Antique wood finish

Structuring wood is a process of antiquing or aging wood, performed using wire brushes that remove the soft part of the material.

Wood polishing

Wood polishing is a superfinishing process which is often associated with large-scale production machinery for the High Gloss finish of panel surfaces. It is most often used in the furniture industry, particularly in kitchen manufacturing and other types of furniture that may require it.

Sanding of wood

Volpato provides machinery that can perform wood sanding operations.

Wood milling

Wood milling is a process that is carried out through special tools to shape the raw material, providing the shape desired by the customer.

Edge finishing

Wood edge finishing is a complex operation that goes through several phases. The customer can be working in any type of carpentry, from a large company to the small and medium companies, that deal with furniture or with doors and windows of any size.