Antique wood finish

Antique wood finish: the process to give wood an antique look

The antique wood finish is a process used to give wood an antique or aging look, performed using wire brushes that remove the soft part of the material. This process is often used in carpentry workshops for the production of furniture, doors, shutters, frames and tables, but also for the realization of parquet and wooden floors. To obtain precise finishes, this process requires specific machines with very powerful engines.

Antique wood finish: why performing this process

Among the various processes that can be carried out, the antique wood finish actually improves the characteristics of the wood. This wood finishing process allows you to get several advantages, such as:

  • highlight the hardest part of the wood (wood grain);
  • simulate the worn and aging effect due to aging;
  • emphasize the quality of the wood used.

Which machines are designed for the antique wood finish?

Thanks to a team of highly specialized professionals who constantly improve their knowledge and a continuous research and development activity, Volpato is able to offer each customer fully customized machinery for antique wood finishes. Volpato design service for the production of custom-made finishing machines allow small or large customer companies to increase their production volume, working raw materials in a more efficient way and obtaining final products that comply exactly with the required characteristics.