The finish for obtaining a mirror surface on aluminium

Aluminium lapping is a precision surface finishing operation, performed with brushes that make use of the action of an abrasive powder sprinkled on a metal support that often has a similar shape to that of the object requiring the finishing process.

What is it used for?

Aluminium lapping is useful for obtaining a mirror surface, reducing the roughness of the metal to a minimum. It works in various industries that use aluminium and is implemented for both functional and aesthetic purposes. More specifically, this process can be performed to eliminate, for example, the ridges left after grinding.

Why choose VOLPATO for lapping machinery?

The goal of the company has always been to fully satisfy the needs of each customer, offering versatile finishing machines that can adapt perfectly to different types of production lines. This is the very motivation pushing VOLPATO to produce customized lapping machines designed by the in-house team, consisting of highly trained professionals, based on the specific requests of customers.