Structuring plastic

The finish for modifying the roughness of plastic

Processed in very different sectors where the material is used, for both functional and aesthetic purposes, plastic structuring consists of uniforming the surface finish of the material. Its execution must be entrusted to high performance, specialized machinery, that will not damage the surface of the raw material.

What is its purpose?

In order to prepare the materials for subsequent treatments, or for aesthetic purposes, the structuring of the plastic allows for the attainment of a very high level of surface roughness for this material. This type of finish requires the use of machines with special brushes that provide the possibility of producing a highly customizable finished product.

What machines are produced for plastic structuring?

Although VOLPATO has standard machines for this type of finish in their catalogue, their team of highly specialized professionals can offer you customized plastic structuring machines. This type of production is designed to satisfy the specific requirements of each customer and to offer them a machine that takes each of their production needs into full consideration. In choosing this company, every customer will have the possibility to obtain rustication machinery with unique features that make the most of the material used in production phases and test the performance before delivery