Edge finishing

The process of optimizing plastic profiles

The finishing of plastic edging is a process that is useful for customers coming from any type of industry where different plastic materials are used. More specifically, it is used by small, medium and large companies dealing with areas such as furniture production.

What results can be achieved?

This is a complex operation, composed of various phases, which may include milling, intended both as profile shaping and as corner rounding, sanding with an abrasive belt, brushing with abrasive wheels or brushes and lastly, any polishing. With these different procedures, the finish of the plastic edging optimizes the profiles of the raw material. This result is obtained via the use of various tools, which are mounted onto a special line machine, built according to the customer’s needs.

What plastic edge finishing machinery does VOLPATO produce?

Those who work with this type of processing often require machinery that adapts to their own production needs. It is precisely for this reason that, as well as the finishing machinery already in the catalogue, VOLPATO also produces customized edge finishing machinery, designed to the specific needs of each customer, allowing them to obtain a finished product of the highest quality. Furthermore, before delivery, the customer will be able to test its performance with batches of materials commonly used in their own production line.