The creation of innovative customized finishing machines.

If you are looking for a professional partner, capable of designing a customized finishing machine that will improve the performance of your production line, choose the VOLPATO experience. With a team of highly specialized professionals who are constantly training, the company is able to design innovative machinery that will suit every need.

What types of sanders are designed?

During the course of its history, the company has modified its objective and can currently offer, for example, the design of a wide range of sanding machines, which are capable of carrying out work on various materials. The corporate staff can, in fact, provide excellent support in the designing of the following types of machines:

  • Sanders for wood
  • Sanders for plastic materials
  • Sanders for metal materials

Why choose VOLPATO?

In order to meet the different needs of the companies working in this sector, VOLPATO is capable of carrying out the customized design of finishing machines. This type of service is made possible with a unique software that can realize a 3D model of the machine, before going ahead with the actual realization phase. Furthermore, the customer can supervise the manufacturing phases and take advantage of certain opportunities, such as:

  • The possibility of requesting modifications during the manufacturing process
  • The chance to test the functionality with their own samples


Only when the end customer’s needs have been satisified, and testing has been carried out, will the machine be delivered.

More details on the design service?

If you require more information on the design of sanders, do not hesitate to contact the company via the form in the contacts section. You will receive all details requested in the shortest time possible.