Processing to increase the roughness of plastic

To prepare the materials for subsequent treatments, or for aesthetic purposes, the scratch processing of plastic is performed among the various sectors in which the material is used and can have both functional and aesthetic purposes

What effects does it produce?

Performed via the use of machinery with special brushes, plastic scratching provides extra roughness by way of a procedure that consists of uniforming the surface finish of the material. This type of finish must be entrusted to high performance machinery, able to guarantee a high level of precision.

What plastic scratching machines does VOLPATO produce?

In order to satisfy every need of those operating in the industry, VOLPATO offer customized machinery for plastic scratching, in addition to the standard machines found in their corporate catalogue. This service is made possible by the presence of a team of highly specialized professionals with passion and commitment, who develop innovative models based on specific requests. Furthermore, before receiving your customized machine, you can test the performance by using raw materials from your own production line.