The processing of aluminium producing a determined roughness of the surface

Aluminium checkering is a process performed in radically different sectors in which this material is used. Obtained by using specialized machinery, it has both functional and aesthetic objectives.

Why perform this type of finish?

Among the various processes carried out by corporate machines, checkering allows for the uniforming of an aluminium surface finish, obtaining a roughness which is determined by the type of brush used. This will allow you to obtain products that adapt to different requests, thus satisfying all of your customers’ needs.

What aluminium checkering machinery does VOLPATO produce?

With long-term experience in the field and a team of experts constantly updating their knowledge, VOLPATO, in addition to the standard finishing machines, can produce customized machinery for aluminium checkering. This unique service is essential if you wish to obtain a machine that makes the best of the raw materials and can simplify the work activities, while also ensuring a high quality result. Furthermore, before delivery, you can check the functioning of the machine by testing it with aluminium samples that you have used.