Aluminium brightening process

Aluminium brightening process: the finish to remove oxidation from aluminium

The aluminium brightening process is a finishing process performed using special brushes, soaked in a fine, abrasive product called rinse aid, that work directly on the material. This process is carried out in different sectors where aluminium is used for aesthetic purposes or functional applications.

Aluminium brightening process: characteristics and functions

Among the various operations performed by finishing machines designed by the company, the function of the machine for the aluminium brightening process is to give shine to the aluminium. This aesthetic improvement is the result of a complex process that eliminates oxidation and the signs of metal opacification, guaranteeing the production of a superior quality finished product.

What types of brightening machines does Volpato offer?

Industrial sectors that require the aluminium brightening process need specific machinery for the realization of precise and quality finishes. For this reason, in addition to standard finishing machines, Volpato produces customized brightening machines, designed together with customers, who have the opportunity to follow every phase of the production process. Furthermore, through specific tests carried out with samples of their own material, each customer can verify that the machine reflects his needs before the machine is delivered.