Dimpled metal

Dimpled metal: the process to uniform the surface roughness of metals

Dimpled metal is often used in applications where a smooth surface is desired, but a traditional flat sheet of metal would be too slippery. The dimples provide a textured surface that can improve grip and traction. The dimpled metal can also be used for aesthetic purposes, creating an interesting visual effect. Metal dimpling consists of uniforming the surface finish of the raw material and is also used to improve the functional characteristics of this type of material.

Dimpled metal: for what purpose is this process carried out?

A dimpled metal surface can be used in very different sectors where metal materials are used. Metal dimpling can be obtained through specific processes which allows you to create a determined surface roughness, depending on the type of brush used. To obtain this type of processing and a precise result without damaging the surface of the material, it is necessary to use high precision machinery.

What metal dimpling machines are available?

Volpato designs and produces both standard and customized metal dimpling machines. This service is designed to meet the increasingly specific needs of companies working in the sector, to offer them highly efficient and reliable machines. The design and development of these solutions is entrusted to a team of highly specialized experts, able to design innovative machinery. In order to offer a complete service, prior to delivery, customers can also test the specific machine designed for them to verify that it functions correctly using their own batches of materials.