The process of uniforming aluminium surfaces

Aluminium sanding consists in uniforming the surface finish of the material, obtaining a roughness determined by the abrasive grain used and by the cutting speed. This finish is performed in the radically different sectors that use aluminium, both for functional and aesthetic purposes.

What advantages does it offer?

Often used in preparation for subsequent treatments of the material, such as the adhesion of anodization, the sanding improves the characteristics of the aluminium surface, offering a finished product of superior quality, in which all imperfections are removed. By performing this type of finish, you can in fact:

  • Eliminate scratches
  • Remove impurities on the surface

Why choose VOLPATO aluminium sanding machines?

Since the beginning, VOLPATO’s main goal has been to offer their customers finishing machinery that can adapt to every different production requirement. This is the reason that led the company team to start designing customized aluminium sanding machines, in addition to the standard versions. To ensure that the customized machine has features that truly reflect the customer’s needs, it is developed by following their instructions. Furthermore, before delivery, we offer the possibility to carry out tests with your own samples, in order to verify the machine’s performance