Specific and customized machinery for sanding wood panels

A customized sanding machine for panels finishing


Thanks to its long experience in the design and production of sanding machines, Volpato is able to develop customized machines for different industrial and artisanal sectors and advise each customer in the choice of solutions best suited to his needs. 

Among the customers who requested Volpato customization service, a small Danish carpenter with a medium-long term growth project contacted the company to solve a common problem in the field of carpentry. The customer deals with the manufacture of kitchens and furniture for home furnishings and needed a specific solution to finish the edges of the panels to increase the quality of doors and drawer fronts in his creations. 


The customer’s need

Carpenters often need specific solutions for sanding because panels have to be cut to proper size and customers cannot use sharp or badly cut edges with obvious cut marks (such as saw marks). In this case the customer, starting from the cutting of the panel, needed to round and sand the edges of panels to use them in the construction of kitchen doors and furniture. The goal was to increase production obtaining high quality finishes. 

The solution required was to smooth a cut-out panel where the tool marks are visible to obtain a panel with well finished edges. 


The customized finishing machine proposed by Volpato

Volpato is able to adapt the modules of its machines according to the specific needs of each customer, to advise him in the best possible way and try to obtain the best solution based on the ratio between production level and investment budget. The proposed solution is a common configuration, which due to its versatility and efficiency, every carpentry company should have in its atelier. Volpato’s mission is not only to look at the immediate need, but also to give the customer the opportunity to look forward and to grow in the market thanks to the most suitable machines. In this case Volpato proposed a specific machine solution composed of 3 units: 

  • a sanding belt for flat side
  • a double shape unit with copy rollers
  • an abrasive wheel unit equipped by Cop Head of Flex Trim to sand top/bottom radii end finish in one step.

This finishing machine can also be used as a standard edge and profile sander thanks to very versatile units, suitable for doing different kinds of work and edges. 

What advantages did the customer receive?

After consulting, no further interventions were needed because Volpato provides the customer with plug & play finishing machines to make it autonomous in the sanding of profiles. All the sanding and finishing machinery produced by the company ensures the highest quality and precision on finishing with a very high production volume to allow the customer, following the purchase of the machine, to reduce costs and meet higher quality requirements.

This has a considerable impact on the increase of the business volume and margins on realization times.