Aluminium satin finish

Aluminium satin finish: the finish to reduce the roughness of aluminum

Aluminium satin finish is a process of superficial treatment used in almost all sectors where this material is used for aesthetic or functional purposes. This finish is obtained using abrasive belts or brushes of varying types, since the levels of satin finish can be of very different intensities.

Why use Volpato satin finishing machines?

Using satin finishing machines you will be able to attain an excellent satin finish on the aluminium, giving a uniform and predefined roughness to the metal. This result is achieved due to a constant commitment by the corporate team that is able to develop cutting-edge technologies, useful for simplifying the working life of any customer. Satin finishing machines are specifically designed to improve production processes and enable high-quality finished products to be obtained.

What types of satin finishing machines are produced?

Volpato has developed standard satin finishing machines for this type of process, but also offers the possibility to obtain customized machines for aluminium. If there is no product that satisfies your production requirements in the extensive Volpato’s catalogue, you will be able to request a special one, developed according to your needs, with features that will work perfectly to give you the finished product you desire.