Sanding machine for components of exhibition stand structures

The development of a customized sanding machine for those who set up stands for trade fairs

As proof of the numerous customization options offered, VOLPATO is able to manufacture a sander for the components of exhibition stand structures. Its development is the result of a deep commitment on the part of the corporate team, which has met all of the requests and expectations of the end customer.

What advantages were offered?

With the customized development service, the VOLPATO team has been able to offer a high-performance sanding machine, able to, effectively, solve production issues previously encountered by the customer. In particular, it was able to present competitive advantages of considerable value, regarding the following aspects:

  • Processing of large production batches for a machine that works 24 hours a day, useful for obtaining a finish similar to anodizing for aluminium parts back from the fair
  • Possibility to recycle the pieces with considerable savings for the company