The process for moulding plastic

Plastic milling is a process carried out using special tools and is useful for the wide range of applications and sectors in which plastic is used. This processing, for example, is often performed in the furniture industry, for the construction of certain benches and tables.

What are the uses for this finish?

VOLPATO machines will give you the possibility to obtain a wide range of plastic milling options. Through their use, in fact, you will be able to perform simple corner rounding or move on to more complex operations, changing the shape and the size of the raw material as you like, giving you a finished product of the highest quality.

What plastic milling machinery does VOLPATO produce?

Among the main objectives of the company is the concern for complete customer satisfaction, through the production of high performance machinery. VOLPATO, with a wealth of experience in the industry, in addition to standard finishing machines, can produce customized machinery for plastic milling work, which is designed following specific customer guidelines. Furthermore, prior to delivery, you will be able to perform testing to be sure that your requirements are fully satisfied.