Plastic polishing machine

Plastic polishing machine: high quality solutions to polish plastic surfaces

A plastic polishing machine is a specific machinery equipped with special brushes, specifically designed to polish plastic surfaces and pieces for aesthetic and/or functional purposes. Plastic polishing machines can be used in various industrial sectors in which this type of material is processed.

Plastic polishing machine: what is it useful for?

Plastic polishing machines are useful for reducing the roughness of plastic and obtaining a unique effect on the external part of the same material. The polishing process is used to modify the characteristics of the surface of plastic materials, depending on different requirements, without altering the colour of the material in any way.

What plastic polishing machines does Volpato produce?

Thanks to a long experience in the industry and the use of advanced technologies, Volpato produces standard plastic polishing machines but also customized finishing machine models. If you do not find a machine that satisfies your production requirements in the company’s catalogue, you can request the support of the highly specialized corporate team to obtain a machine based on your specific requirements. Volpato offers a complete consultation and design service. Before receiving the machine, you can perform testing with the raw materials of your company and verify its correct functioning.