Edge finishing

A process for wood divided into various phases

Wood edge finishing is a complex operation that goes through several phases. The customer can be working in any type of carpentry, from a large company to the small and medium companies, that deal with furniture or with doors and windows of any size.

How is this process useful?

The finish on wood edging is mainly useful for in attaining the same quality as the surface. This process can be complimentary to other processes such as milling, intended both as shaping of the profile and as rounding of the corners, sanding with an abrasive belt, brushing with abrasive wheels or brushes and, lastly, any polishing. Each of the phases that make up this process requires a particular tool, which is mounted on a special line machine, built according to the customer’s needs.

What type of edge finishing machines can be designed?

Those who work in the industry often need to obtain efficient machines that allow them to work on pieces with specific dimensions and characteristics. It is precisely for this reason that VOLPATO has decided to expand its services and offer the production of custom built machines for edge finishing, which are made to customer guidelines and can guarantee their ability to obtain a high quality finished product.