Sanding of wood

Sanding of wood: efficient solutions for sanding wood operations

Wood sanding is a fundamental woodworking process in many sectors and craft activities. Volpato offers a wide range of machines, both standard and customized, which can perform wood sanding operations in a precise and effective way. Sanding of wood is a necessary step for those who work this material, so that the wood may be further processed and offered as a final product. As a result, this type of finish is extremely useful for customers who deal with producing finished products, such as furniture, tables, frames, doors and windows.

Wood sanding machines: standard and special machines to meet any need

The company offers wood sanding machines made with certified and high quality components, specially designed to improve productivity and achieve precise results. Depending on your needs you can choose wood sanding machines such as:

  • edgers;
  • profilers.

If standard machines do not fully satisfy the customer’s needs, Volpato is also specialized in the design and production of special wood sanding machines, customized according to the specific pieces the customer needs to create.

Wood sanding machines: the benefits for your carpentry or company

The sanding process is an essential phase of the finishing process and, in order to offer the best service to customers operating in this sector, Volpato produces extremely high performance wood sanding machines. Volpato sanding machines are specifically designed to smooth the wood and prepare the pores to the penetration of impregnated or varnish, obtaining excellent quality results.