Polished aluminium

Polished aluminium: the finishing process to polish the aluminium surface

The polished aluminium finishing process is carried out for aesthetic or functional purposes and can be performed using special brushes soaked in abrasive paste and, depending on the condition of the starting material, can also include the use of abrasive belts. There are countless industrial uses for polished aluminium of all types and sizes.

What is the function of an aluminium polishing machine?

The polished aluminium finishing process requires high-quality polishing machines, designed to achieve optimum results. All aluminium polishing machines produced by the company are designed to perform processes that will improve the characteristics of the finished product and offer the end user excellent quality solutions. In this case, an aluminium polishing machine is useful for reducing the roughness of the aluminium and thus obtaining a smoother surface.

Aluminium polishing machines: standard and customized solutions for your company

Aluminium polishing machines are fundamental to obtain finished products of the highest quality. The variety of sizes and shapes of pieces entering the production line of different companies makes it necessary to obtain specialized and fully customized machinery.
Volpato aluminium polishing machines are designed to meet any customer’s need. In addition to standard machines, Volpato offers a complete design service, producing special machines, designed according to the individual needs of each customer.