Satin finish metal

Satin finish metal: the finish to uniform the roughness of metals

Satin finish metal is performed in almost all sectors where this material is used, with different purposes. This finish is obtained using abrasive belts or abrasive brushes with various features, since the levels of glazing can be of extremely varied intensities.

Satin finish metal: why use this finish?

Performed for aesthetic or functional purposes, satin finish metal is a process of surface treatment that homogenizes metals, bringing them to a predefined, uniform roughness. This precision finish must be performed using high performance machinery in order to obtain high quality workmanship and not ruin the surface of the material in question.

Satin finishing machine: standard or customized solutions to obtain precise finishes

In order to satisfy the different and specific needs of its customers, Volpato produces satin finishing machines, but also customized finishing machines. The design service is entrusted to a team of experts who, in collaboration with different customers, work with passion to develop high quality machines. Before receiving the machinery, customers will be able to test it with materials used within their own production line.