Metal sanding

Metal sanding: the finish to obtain a decisive roughness on metals

Metal sanding is a necessary step in many metalworking projects and has a functional and aesthetic purpose. Metal is often sanded to create a smooth, finished surface or to remove rust or paint. Sanding metal consists in uniforming the surface finish of the material, obtaining a roughness that is determined by the abrasive grain used and the cutting speed.

Metal sanding: functions and benefits

Metal sanding is frequently used as an intermediate phase of preparation for subsequent treatments of the material in question, such as the adhesion of the anodization. Metal sanding eliminates scratches and impurities from the surface of the metal. To obtain an optimal finish without compromising the surface of the raw product, it is naturally necessary to use specialized machinery that can guarantee exceptionally high-precision machining.

Metal finishing sanders: high quality and efficient solutions for metal polishing

A metal finishing sander is an essential tool for any metalworker. By choosing the right type of sander for your project, you can achieve a smooth, even finish on your metalwork. Volpato is specialized in the design and production of metal finishing sanders, both standard and customized. The design service and development of these machines, with special features for every customer, is entrusted to professionals with long-term experience, who will offer you innovative and highly technological solutions. In order to verify correct functioning, you can also carry out tests with your own metals before the machine is delivered.