Customized sanding machinery for carpentry shops

A versatile sanding machine for finishing wood panels and profiles 


To best meet the needs of small, medium and large companies, as well as artisans operating in different sectors, over the years Volpato has been specializing in the design and production of customized solutions and sanding machines for specific applications

In particular, the company has studied a customized solution for a carpenter of medium dimensions with a quite big production of tailor-made stairs, who needed to automate the process of making the steps starting from the panel cutting, maintaining a high level of finishing. Being a carpentry shop, the customer needed a versatile finishing machine, that could also be used for other profiles and able to also sand handrails, jambs, cabinet doors, doors and windows, always guaranteeing a high standard of finishing.


The customer’s request

The customer needed a machine to finish the panels with the maximum precision. Once cut, in fact, the panels must be finished, often with large radii top/bottom, eliminating the cut marks and creating the groove to insert the riser, all in a single step to ensure a high quality and perfection in the finishing. Before choosing Volpato machinery, the customer used a 3-axis pantograph, without precision and speed of execution. Anyway it also needed to finish the edges in a way that the CNC could not give.





From a cutted panel where tool marks are visible to a panel with well finished edges. 


Volpato customized solution: a 5 units sanding machine 


Thanks to the experience and technical know-how gained in many years of activity, Volpato has the ability to adapt the modules of its machines according to what type of product the customer has to produce. The company is able to suggest the best solution based on the ratio between the production level and the investment budget, still giving to the customer the best quality and versatile machines to focus on the present and future production. 

In this case Volpato proposed a machine consisting of 5 units:

  1. starting from a cutted panel, a shape unit to make the groove;
  2. a flat pad to sand and erase all the sign of cutting;
  3. another shape unit to make the big radius on bottom (the top radius will be done in the second step by rotating the pieces only, still using the feeder carpet reference);
  4. a sanding belt unit following the shape through a pad with radius to sand the radius just done by the previous unit;
  5. an abrasive wheel unit equipped by Cop Head of Flex Trim to sand top/bottom radii end finish in one step.


The operation will be done in two steps on the machine as per following schema:


This machine can also be used for other profiles and different shapes in order to cover all the possible present and future needs of the customer. 


Results and benefits for the customer 


After the consultancy, the customer is totally autonomous and does not need further intervention as Volpato tries to give each customer plug&play machines which guarantee an easy and fast sanding of profiles. Moreover, following the sanding machine purchase, a very high quality on finishing and a significant volume of production allows the customer to reduce costs and face specific requests with higher quality requirements by increasing volume of business and margins on realization times.