Plastic finishing processes: high quality solutions for your company

To meet the needs of different manufacturing and industrial sectors, Volpato has designed efficient and quality solutions for plastic finishing processes. In fact, the company proposes a wide range of machines to perform different processes on this material, which are able to meet all customer requirements and provide them with the opportunity to create finished products of the highest quality.


What finishes can be performed?

Volpato offers both standard and customized plastic finishing machines, designed according to the different customer requests. The company will give you the opportunity to perform a large number of plastic processes. Using Volpato’s plastic finishing machines you will be able to offer your customers products with precise, high quality and durable finishes.

Structuring plastic

Processed in very different sectors where the material is used, for both functional and aesthetic purposes, plastic structuring consists of uniforming the surface finish of the material.

Plastic grinding machine

A precision operation performed with the use of abrasive belts that follow certain tolerance supports, plastic grinding is performed in many sectors in which different plastics are used, such as underwater, furniture, robotics and medicine.

Plastic polishing machine

Plastic polishing is a process carried out by using special brushes and is used for aesthetic and/or functional purposes. Its use is associated with various industrial sectors in which this type of material is processed.

Plastic sanding

Plastic sanding is carried out in many industrial sectors in which this material is used. In order to perform this kind of work, brushes are used that modify and smooth the actual surface of the raw material.


To prepare the materials for subsequent treatments, or for aesthetic purposes, the scratch processing of plastic is performed among the various sectors in which the material is used and can have both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Plastic milling machine

Plastic milling is a process carried out using special tools and is useful for the wide range of applications and sectors in which plastic is used. This processing, for example, is often performed in the furniture industry, for the construction of certain benches and tables.

Plastic edging

The finishing of plastic edging is a process that is useful for customers coming from any type of industry where different plastic materials are used. More specifically, it is used by small, medium and large companies dealing with areas such as furniture production.