The process for shaping plastic

A precision operation performed with the use of abrasive belts that follow certain tolerance supports, plastic grinding is performed in many sectors in which different plastics are used, such as underwater, furniture, robotics and medicine.

What is its function?

A process that has a purely functional purpose, grinding brings the plastic material to measure according to predefined tolerances. With VOLPATO machinery, you can achieve this type of finish and realize a finished product of the highest quality, able to fully satisfy the specifications requested by your customers.

What types of plastic grinding machines?

In addition to standard finishing machines, VOLPATO is able to design customized machinery for plastic grinding. If the models in our catalogue for moulding plastic do not meet your requirements, our corporate team offers you the ability to design a customized machine that will allow you to offer your customers a finished product of the highest quality. Furthermore, before putting the machine into operation in your production line, you will be able to evaluate its efficiency by testing it with raw material samples that you have used.