Made to measure

The production of finishing machines designed according to customers’ needs

In order to produce extremely efficient machines for different production contexts, VOLPATO is constantly improving their construction technology and is able to offer a customized finishing machine production service. Customers who decide to trust in the company, will in fact have the opportunity to obtain a non-standard machine, designed to meet every single need.

Why trust VOLPATO?

The advantage of trusting VOLPATO lies in the possibility of placing yourself in the hands of highly specialized people, who have long-term technical and finishing experience. For all of these reasons, the company assures the realization of a highly efficient, customized sanding machine. Choosing a product of this type will also allow companies to gain other advantages such as:

  • The possibility of modifications on standard machines
  • Testing of customized machines

What type of machines are produced?

Aware of the diverse needs of their customers, VOLPATO is constantly striving to expand on what they can produce and thus offer the customized production of numerous types of sanding machines. Specifically, they have an excellent team dealing with the research and development of new technologies relating to the appropriate field, where the company is able to produce to specification:

  • Sanding machines for plastic materials
  • Sanding machines for metal materials
  • Sanding machines for wood

More information on the service?

If you would like to find out more details on the production of customized sanding machines, fill in the form in the contacts section. As soon as possible, you will receive a reply from an expert from the corporate staff.