The finish for the elimination of opacification marks from metal

Metal buffing consists of eliminating oxidation and the signs of opacification from this material and is carried out using specialized brushes, soaked in a fine abrasive product, or rinse aid, which work directly on the surface.

What function is it useful for?

A process carried out in the various industrial sectors in which this type of material is used, for aesthetic and above all, functional, purposes, buffing gives metal an aspect of shine, removing the different signs of opacification. To obtain a high quality effect, it will be necessary to use high precision machinery, characterized by brushes that can restore areas where there are signs of oxidation, without damaging the underlying surface.

What types of buffing machines do VOLPATO develop?

VOLPATO offers an extensive catalogue of standard, finishing machinery, but, with a team of highly specialized professionals, can also design customized buffing machines. This service has come about because, more and more often, those working in the sector need to make use of a machine that fully meets their needs and offers unique characteristics. By choosing this company, you will have the chance to achieve all of this and to test, prior to delivery, the performance of the machinery.