Sanding machines for wood

Since 1957 Volpato designs and manufactures woodworking machines and it’s specializes in the production of customized high-performance sanding machines for small and large operations on wood.

Why choose Volpato?

Volpato is aimed at small, medium and large companies, operating in the industrial and in the handicraft sector and for this reason it is able to create customized wood sanding machines, according to the specifications of the processes that customers must perform. The Volpato wood sanders are made using components and materials made in Italy. This guarantees a high-quality final product. With the Volpato sanding machines it is possible to create a robust product that guarantees high quality on the final production. Volpato also produces sanding machines for other surfaces, such as metal and plastic.

Importance of sanding wood

Wood sanding is an operation to be performed with care because the material to be processed is delicate and can have different hardnesses. This process prepares the wood for subsequent processes, such as painting or polishing. With the Volpato machines for sanding wood it is possible to optimize the wood and obtain a base from which to start a high-quality finished product.

Patented wood sanding machines

The Volpato staff are made up of experts who try to improve the technologies used and are constantly looking for the best technologies to make high quality wood finishing machines. The sanders, in fact, are patented machines, able to meet the specific needs of customers, such as:

More information

For more information on Volpato wood sanding machines, you can fill out the form on the contact page. The Volpato team is available to answer and satisfy any need.