Wood sanding work

VOLPATO offers machinery that can perform wood sanding operations. Sanding is a necessary step for those who work this material, so that the wood may be further processed and offered as a final product. As a result, this type of finish is extremely useful in the event that the customer deals with producing the finished product, such as furniture, tables, frames, doors and windows.

Which machines are used for this process?

The company offers a wide range of sanding machines. Specifically, among the standard machines, you have the choice of:

  • Edger
  • Profiler

Furthermore, if the standard catalogue machines do not fully satisfy the customer’s needs, VOLPATO proposes the design and production of other special machinery, customized according to the pieces the customer needs to create.

What benefits does it offer?

The sanding process is an essential phase of the finishing process and, in order to offer the maximum to customers operating in this sector, VOLPATO is committed to producing extremely high performance machines. In using these machines you can, in fact, sand the wood to prepare the pores for the penetration of the primer or the paint, obtaining excellent quality results.