Metal sanding: which machines to use?

The machinery to best perform metal sanding

Metal sanding is an activity that requires precision and attention to detail. There are different types of metal, each with their own specific characteristics and properties, which can react differently to the sanding process. Sanding is a type of finish often used in the intermediate stages of processing and preparation of materials for subsequent processing, and is able to give the metal certain functional and aesthetic characteristics: it evens the surface and gives a refined finished and semi-gloss effect. With this process it is possible to obtain different degrees of roughness, which can vary according to the type of use and the characteristics required by the various industrial sectors.


The best way to ensure that the sanding work is as efficient as possible is to use the right machine for each type of metal to be machined. Here are some tips to best perform this process and choose the sanding machine that best suits your needs.


How to sand metals

As we have seen, metal sanding is often a starting point for the preparation of metal parts or products for subsequent processing. The main purpose of sanding, in fact, is to even out the surfaces and eliminate scratches and impurities, making them smoother and more brilliant. Furthermore, thanks to the sanding process, it is possible to smooth out any irregularities and smooth the rough edges of the raw material, or created by machining processes or other causes.
When it comes to sand metal, the machine you use can make all the difference. It is not just about the power of a machine, but also about its design for sanding specific types of metal, as well as the materials and technologies used. To work metals such as aluminum or brass, for example, you will need to use a metal sander that is able to treat these materials without leaving traces or damaging them.


Or, if you are working more than one type of metal or material at a time, such as brass and nickel together for a particular product, you will need to choose a versatile sanding machine that allows you to switch between one metal to another (but also from one material to another) in a simple and fast way, without having to interrupt the activity to change the tools.


Volpato metal sanders: the ideal solution to obtain precise and quality machining

Volpato metal sanders are designed by a team of experts and made with innovative technologies, to ensure high performance and precise and professional results. The company offers efficient solutions, designed to meet the needs of different sectors and types of activities: from the small craftsman who wants to optimize production and improve the quality of his products to small or medium-sized companies that need to industrialize their manufacturing processes or to increase the production volume. Volpato machines are also ideal for medium-large industries: they can in fact be configured for large production volumes, based on the specific needs of each customer.


The metal sanders produced by the company are versatile solutions, which can allow you to perform different types of processing in the best possible way, equipped with different belt sanders, abrasive wheels and cutters depending on the requests. Complete machinery and sanding and finishing lines are also available, ideal for processing different materials, which can also be combined for the construction of automated systems with a high productivity index.


In addition to standard sanding and finishing machines, Volpato offers a customized design service of sanders for metal based on the type of activity, the production volume and the type of product to be made. In addition, to verify its correct functioning, it is possible to carry out tests with the metals used within the production department of the company and to test the machine before delivery.


For more information on metal sanders or other machines offered by Volpato, or to request a personalized quote, contact us!