Sanders for Profiles-Lines

Efficient and tailor-made solutions designed and built by Volpato

The family of sanding machines produced by Volpato can be equipped with different units such as sanding belt units, abrasive wheels units and shape units according to the specific needs. Particularly compact and extremely versatile versions are also available, particularly suitable for industry and crafts. Various processes can be carried out on edges and profiles in veneered and painted solid wood, metal and many other materials such as:

  • milling
  • sanding
  • satin finish
  • Polishing

The final result will depend on the type of composition requested by the customer according to his shaping, sanding and satin finishing needs.

For a considerable production, up to 4000 linear meters of polished per hour, we are able to prepare lines capable of shaping, sanding, satin finishing, brushing, structuring and polishing any type of profile in a single step, guaranteeing the highest level of finishing and maintaining a very high degree of efficiency.

Our machines, completely built at our headquarters in Campodarsego (Padua), can also be configured for a considerable volume of production, just as the medium-large industries with which we have collaborated have requested us. Leave your sanding problems to us according to your production volume and together we will find the right way.

Max. working thicknessmm. 100
Min. working widthmm. 10
Variable feed speed5-30 mt/1′
Max. width of machinemm. 2000
Max. height of machinemm. 1900


Why choose Volpato?

Volpato is able to provide the customer with the right machine for its production, combining experience at the service of technological innovation to obtain the best result at the right price. The machines offered are in fact designed with maximum customer satisfaction in mind. The sanding machines are always customized, precisely to give the customer maximum flexibility and the certainty that the purchase is exactly what he is looking for, specific to his business and its production volumes.


Who they are for

The sanding / cleaning machines designed and manufactured by Volpato, thanks to the great possibility of customization, can be perfect both for the small craftsman, who wants to improve the quality of his products and the efficiency of production, and for the average company looking for a greater industrialization of processes and processes to increase its production volume; they are also ideal for large companies that want to achieve an optimal finishing result with a large production volume.