Lines design for wood sanding

Volpato is an Italian company that since 1957 produces machines for the processing of different materials and in particular designs tailor-made lines for wood sanding.

What is the wood sanding for?

Sanding is a wood finishing process and is essential to obtain a high quality finished product. This process allows to smooth the wood to prepare the pores for the penetration of the paint.

Features of line for wood sanding

Volpato is composed of a team of experienced professionals with a long experience in the woodworking industry, so the sanding machines designed are therefore:

  • very robust and resistant
  • they can be sanded or honed
  • allow to obtain a high quality finished product.

Volpato sanding lines

The Volpato sanding machinery for wood can be standard or customized. In the event that the standard machines are not functional to customer production, Volpato is able to design, together with the customer and according to his specific requests, specific and efficient sanding lines to the type of processing, such as for example:

More information

For more information on the sanding lines made by Volpato and to receive personalized advice, you can fill out the form on the contact page. The staff will try to solve any request.