Carpentry: essential tools and machinery to get started

Practical guide on machinery and equipment useful for setting up a carpentry

Professional carpenters and craftsmen need a variety of tools to do their job in a best way. Some tools are essential for woodworking, while others, more specific, may be more or less necessary depending on the type of work to be carried out. However, anyone who wants to open a carpentry shop or is approaching this activity for the first time cannot ignore the purchase of suitable equipment, on which the precision and quality of the final result will also depend. The manufacturing processes – from wood cutting to sanding, from polishing to surface finishes – will in fact be carried out and implemented using the right tools.


But which are the tools and machinery that are really essential to set up a carpentry, whether small or large? Let’s find out together!


What it takes to open a carpentry

Regardless of the size and type of business, in order to open a carpentry and be able to perform the different phases and processes of woodworking in the best possible way, it will be necessary to have adequate spaces available, in which to place all the machinery and specific equipment. A joinery cannot be too small, otherwise there will not be enough space to move freely and work efficiently. On the other hand, a carpentry with very large spaces can be expensive to manage and it is not always necessary to have such a large space. Before dedicating yourself to this activity, therefore, carefully evaluate the space you need and how to place machinery and equipment so that they can be used in the best possible way and without hindrance.


To optimize and speed up the work, also buy suitable, practical and functional furniture, avoiding unnecessary accessories that could hinder the work. It also studies the location of the furniture and the insurance that contains enough space to accommodate stationary machines, tools and raw material or workpieces. A professional wooden workbench, equipped with vices and holes to insert blocks and hold the workpieces in place, is the best choice for a carpentry workshop. To make the spaces even more functional you can also choose tool holder support workingtable, wall hooks and shelving useful for storing the equipment and panels and wooden pieces necessary for the different processes.


Woodworking tools: which ones to choose?

Another fundamental aspect to start trying your hand at carpentry work is the choice of tools and power tools. Among the essential hand tools in any carpentry workshop there are certainly: hammers and saws of different types and sizes, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, chisels, awls, files, hand planers and all measuring tools, such as squares and compasses for carpenters, meters, rulers and gauges.


Power tools are also essential for performing different types of processing, supplies and touch-ups. The joinery power tools that cannot be missing are: hacksaws, circular saws, screwdrivers, milling machines, different types of sanders, electric planer and trimming machine. In addition to these you will also have to buy a vacuum cleaner, necessary to avoid the accumulation of dust and shavings and keep the work environment clean and safe, and personal protective equipment (such as safety shoes, ear muffs, masks, gloves and work glasses) in order to work in maximum safety.


Machines for carpentry indispensable in a workshop

In order to perform different types of processing and finishes it’s important to choose specific and good quality machinery, in order to be able to work efficiently and obtain professional results. The use of machinery requires a good knowledge of materials and woodworking techniques: this is particularly important if you want to open a carpentry because you will have to meet the quality requirements requested by customers.


The machinery useful for a carpentry can be different, depending on the size and structure of the activity as well as, of course, on the type of work and finishes to be carried out. Among the indispensable woodworking machinery there are certainly sanders – such as the LVO 150T sander proposed by Volpato, ideal for small artisans working with small batches different from each other – and machines for practical and versatile finishing processes, ideal for processing of brushing, satin finishing, smoothing and different types of finishes. The SF 100I finishing machine is the perfect solution to carry out various types of processing, such as brushing and sanding, and obtain professional and precise results.


Are you looking for woodworking machines for your carpentry or craft workshop? Volpato offers excellent machines for sanding and finishing, with features and technologies designed to simplify and speed up the work of those who work in the carpentry sector. In addition to a wide range of standard machinery, the company also specializes in the design of customized machinery, suitable for every need.