SF 100 I Finishing machine

Vertical axis brushing and sanding machine

Among the combination machines offering the possibility of performing various types of processing, VOLPATO offers the SF 100 I finishing machine. Developed by a team of highly trained experts, this machine makes it possible to perform excellent brushing and sanding operations.

Why purchase one?

Trusting VOLPATO means choosing a highly specialized partner who will work to meet the high production requirements of their customers. This goal is pursued by the company through the creation of excellent finishing machines, with features and technologies developed to simplify the working life of companies operating in the carpentry industry and beyond. The machinery proposed here, for example, offers some advantageous features, such as:

  • Single tilting shaft
  • Servo-ventilated motor
  • Variable rotation speed by inverter (from 0 to 1,400 rpm)

What accessories are included?

In order to offer you a complete service and provide you with the opportunity to start brushing and sanding immediately, VOLPATO will deliver a finishing machine complete with accessories. More specifically, in addition to the service keys, the CE regulations and the instruction booklet, you will receive with your purchase:

  • 1 x 100mm diameter suction hood
  • 300 x 100mm diameter brush
  • Easily interchangeable grain sander inserts


Forced ventilation motorKw 0,75
Speed rotationfrom 0 to 1.400 rpm
Brush shaft Ø30 mm
Max Brush Ø300 mm
Brush maximum lenght120 mm
Dust hood Ø100 mm
Tilting motor at90°
Dimensions1200x700x1000 mm
Weight150 Kg.