The best professional tools and machinery for sanding wood


Sanding represents a fundamental phase in the woodworking process because it allows the surfaces to be refined and homogeneous in order to then proceed with the creation of finished products. To sand wood professionally, especially in the industrial field, it is possible to use different types of specific tools and machinery, which may vary according to the characteristics of the material and the processing needs.


Sanders are certainly among the most versatile and most used tools for woodworking, useful for roughing, sanding and paint stripping. There are many models of sanders on the market, suitable for small or large surfaces and able to ensure different levels of precision and finishing.


If you are looking for tools to sand wood professionally but do not know how to make your choice, here is a short guide to choose the tools that best suit your needs and obtain quality results.

Essential tools for professional wood sanding

The choice of the best tools and machinery for wood sanding depends, first of all, on the purpose and type of use and processing to be performed. Some models are more compact, ideal for sanding small surfaces, others are specifically designed for industrial processing and are capable of sanding larger planks and wooden surfaces. Among the 5 essential tools for professional wood sanding there are certainly:


  1. belt sander, perhaps the most widespread and common in woodworking, useful for sanding and finishing operations and for all those processes that involve the removal of shavings using continuous abrasive belts. They can also be used for roughing very large surfaces with different degrees of finish and, thanks to the large smoothing surface, they allow you to remove different layers of material;
  2. oscillating belt sander, also ideal for sanding small and delicate surfaces and obtaining extremely precise results because, in general, it works with a finer grain paper. Unlike the belt sander, it works thanks to an oscillating movement and can also be used for finishing and micro-sanding;
  3. Random orbital sander: the operating principle is similar to that of the oscillating belt sander but, in this case, the motion is orbital and, at the same time, circular. It can be used both for important roughing work on large surfaces, and for finishing and allows to polish even curved surfaces;
  4. long belt sanding bench, equipped with continuous abrasive belts that run on horizontal rollers, which allows to finish very large surfaces and is ideal for small carpentry or mechanical workshops that have small batches that differ from each other;
  5. sanding machines for edges to perform precise work on edges and profiles in wood, also veneered and painted.


Volpato sanding machines: the best solutions for professional results

In order to obtain precise and professional results, it is important to choose tools and machinery for wood sanding that are reliable, resistant and capable of responding to specific production needs. Thanks to the experience gained in the sector, Volpato is able to provide each customer with the best and most suitable solutions for their needs, always ensuring high quality standards. In addition to offering a wide choice of standard wood sanding and finishing machinery, such as belt sanders and oscillating belt sanders, the company also offers customized sanding machines, both for small craftsmen and for medium and large companies that want to achieve optimal finishing results and increase their production volume.