How to find the machine for finishing aluminum?


Before configuring a sanding, brushing or any other kind of machine for a type of processing, obviously, it’s necessary to know the material you are working on and what the final result should be. Aluminum is an increasingly popular kind of material used in industrial and commercial areas – often up to the end customer, the private individual. The machine must carry out a specific process and must be configured with extreme care, taking into account many different factors; only in this way it’s possible to ensure excellent quality processing and a final product in perfect condition.


Let’s see together which are the most suitable machines for the different kind of aluminum processing.


The different stages of aluminum processing

There are of course different aluminum processes, which depend on the type of product that must be obtained, as well as on the type of company in which the machine is installed. However, we can say that among the main processes and treatments, to which this material is subjected, there are certainly:

  • Sanding, essential to give a uniform surface to the material
  • Polishing, a finishing process carried out using special brushes, with a fine abrasive pasta (rinse aid), which work directly on the material. It is used in various sectors for functional, but also aesthetic purposes
  • Satin finishing, surface treatment used in almost all sectors in which aluminum is used, for aesthetic or functional purposes. Many different types of satin finishing are possible, depending on what the customer wants to achieve
  • Pitting, an operation that allows to uniform the aluminum surface finish, obtaining a roughness determined by the type of brush used
  • Buffing, to make the surface smooth with determined roughness
  • Lapping, a precision finishing operation performed with brushes that exploit the action of an abrasive special pasta sprinkled on a metal support that often has a shape similar to that of the object to be lapped.


What are the most suitable machines?


Each kind of aluminum processing needs specific machines, in order to make it happen in the safest and most efficient way possible, and ensure a result in line with expectations – as well as obviously a process that is able to withstand over time. In addition to the sanding and brushing machinery, which are probably the most popular for working on aluminum, specific and specifically designed machines for these needs are required to perform the other different operations. Like those that Volpato makes for its customers.


Why choose Volpato?


Volpato knows the reference market very well and has a long experience in the production and sale of the most suitable machinery for the different types of aluminum processing. For this reason, the company offers a wide range of machinery dedicated to working on aluminum in all its different stages, capable of improving production efficiency and, above all, the final result. In addition to this, the company is responsible for producing specific and tailor-made machinery to meet the different needs of customers. In this way it will always be possible to find the ideal machine for any kind of aluminum processing.