Metalworking machines: which to choose?


Metalworking machines include a wide range of equipment and machinery designed to cut, shape and transform metal through different manufacturing processes. These machines represent an alternative to manual metal shaping in the industrial sector, allowing higher production levels and greater precision in processing. Metalworking machines can be used in various industrial sectors to perform metal finishing processes such as satin finishing, pitting, polishing and smoothing, lapping and polishing.


To obtain optimal results, each of these processes must be performed in a precise and efficient way and therefore requires suitable machinery, which must be configured in a specific way in order to perform each operation in the best possible way. But what are the main metalworking machines? Let’s find out together.


The different metalworking machines


The metal can be subjected to various manufacturing processes, which depend primarily on the type of product and the result to be obtained, and which require tailor-made machinery. Among the most widespread and used metalworking machinery we find:


  • Lathes, the most popular metalworking machines, used to cut and shape metal into the desired shape. This type of machinery is mainly used for the processing of symmetrical metal objects and can vary according to the needs of use: in fact, you can find small table units or larger machines, mainly used in industrial processing;
  • Milling machines, which allow you to create grooves and hollows, finish edges and shape the metal in three dimensions (not just two as in the case of the lathe). The micro-milling machines can also be used to cut and model very small metal parts and objects with absolute precision;
  •  Satin finishing machines for the metal satin finishing process, useful for smoothing the roughness of surfaces through the use of special belts and different types of abrasive brushes;
  • Sanders designed to even out the surface finish of the metal and eliminate scratches and impurities, often used in the intermediate stages of processing to prepare the material for subsequent treatments. The roughness obtained depends on the cutting speed and the abrasive grain used.
  • Lapping machines used for the precision finishing of metal surfaces to minimize the roughness of the material and obtain a uniform mirror finish;
  •  Polishing machines used in various industrial sectors in metal polishing processes to eliminate oxidation and signs of opacification and give shine to the material.


Volpato’s metalworking machines


Volpato boasts a long experience in the production and sale of machinery for various metalworking and finishing processes, studied and designed to ensure very high performance and obtain professional and precise results. The machines offered by Volpato are made by a team of specialized technicians using Made in Italy components and materials and are checked at every stage of the production process to ensure high quality standards. In addition to the standard machines for the satin finishing, pitting, polishing, smoothing, lapping and polishing processes of metals, the company is able to design tailor-made solutions based on the specific requests and needs of the customers and also allows to test in advance the performance of each machine with the materials normally used within each specific production sector.


If you are looking for innovative, safe and efficient metalworking machinery for your business or company, contact us. Our staff will advise you on the best and most suitable solutions for your needs.