Sanding machine for metal

Since 1957 Volpato is an Italian company specializing in the production of metal finishing machinery. The Volpato machines are suitable for reverse types of processing, including metal sanding.

What is metal sanding used for?

The metal sanding process has a functional and aesthetic purpose because it uniforms the surface of the material. This processing is usually used to prepare the metal for subsequent treatments. With sanding, in fact, scratches and impurities are eliminated.


Why choose Volpato sanding machines?

Choosing the right sanding machine is very important because you risk to compromising the surface of the material. The Volpato metal sanding machines guarantee precision in processing and it’s possible to obtain an optimal finish product. The Volpato machines:

  • allow you to smooth in a simple way;
  • don’t damage the material;
  • work in total safety;
  • are technologically innovative;
  • are made with quality material made in Italy;
  • are made according to specific processing requirements.

Where to find Volpato machines?

Volpato was born and developed the machinery in Italy, in Padova. Over the years the company has become a leader in the production of finishing machines, today it has an extensive sales network in various countries around the world. Wherever the customer is, a Volpato sale representative is available to solve any problem.

More information

For more information on sanding machine for metal and to request technical and commercial information, please fill out the form on the contact page. The Volpato staff will be happy to respond to every request and meet your needs.