Polishing machine for aluminium

Volpato is an Italian company that has been manufacturing machines for finishing materials since 1957 and is specialized in making machines for polishing aluminium.

How is aluminium polishing done?

Polishing is a finishing process useful in different types of industries. The machines for polishing through abrasive belts work the aluminium and file irregularities to make the surface flat, smooth and with a brilliant appearance. This process makes it possible to transform aluminium from raw material to a finished product or ready for subsequent processes.

Why choose Volpato machines?

With Volpato aluminium polishing machines it is possible to obtain a finished product of excellent quality. Volpato is a company able to design and build custom polishing machines. Thanks to the custom made service, the Volpato machines allow to facilitate the production process because they are designed according to the production needs of the customers.

Which aluminium polishing machines does Volpato offer?

Volpato produces machinery for aluminium polishing using exclusively made in Italy materials. This guarantees to Volpato to offer its customers high quality, innovative aluminium polishing machines that allow to obtain a finished product with high quality standards.


Which technologies are used on aluminium polishing machines?

The Volpato staff is constantly engaged in the search for the best technologies to make the finishing machines. The machinery, in fact, are made according to the latest technologies for:

  • software
  • material mechanics
  • movement mechanics.

More information

For more information on the services offered by Volpato and to request technical and commercial explanations on aluminium polishing machines, you can fill out the form on the contact page. The Volpato staff is available to respond to every request and is committed to finding the best solution for your production process.