Metal finishing machines

High quality machines for different metal finishing processes


Are you looking for metal finishing machines? Volpato, a company founded near Padua in 1957, is specialized in the design and production of custom-made metal finishing machines, offering its customers efficient and high quality products. Thanks to a team of skilled and highly specialized technicians and engineers and to a constant investment in research and development of new technological solutions, the company is able to provide each customer with advanced machinery for the metal processing and specially designed for to meet customer’s specific needs and types of production.


Volpato can offer machines for different types of companies and activities that require precise and efficient metal finishing processes: from small craft activities, to large industries which aim to optimize and speed up their production.


Which metal finishes can be made with Volpato machines?


Volpato offers a wide range of standard machines, but also custom-made machines, specifically designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, which allow different metal working. In particular, the metal finishing machines designed by Volpato can realize the following types of finishes:


  • satin finish, generally obtained using abrasive belts or abrasive brushes with various features, since the levels of glazing can be of extremely varied intensities;
  • dimpling, which consists in uniforming the surface finish of the raw material and is used to improve the functional characteristics of the material;
  • polishing, used for aesthetic or functional purposes, which reduces the roughness of metals, allowing them to be used in all types of industry of any size;
  • sanding, consisting in the uniforming of the surface finish of the material, obtaining a roughness that is determined by the abrasive grain used and the cutting speed;
  • lapping, a precision finishing process for metal surfaces carried out to reduce to a minimum the surface roughness, with a “mirror” finish;
  • buffing, a particular process which consists in eliminating oxidation and the signs of opacification from the material and is carried out using specific brushes, soaked in a fine abrasive product, or rinse aid, which work directly on the surface.


A wide range of services to meet your needs


To always ensure the customer satisfaction, in addition to designing custom metal finishing machines, Volpato also offers a wide range of services and a complete and efficient customer support, which involves every stage of production. The company staff, made up of experienced professionals, works with passion to offer excellent technical and commercial support to customers, following them through the phase of:


  • consultation;
  • design;
  • assembly;
  • custom built;
  • testing of machines.


Do you need more information?


If you need more information on metal finishing machines or other products and services offered by Volpato, please contact us! Our staff is always at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your needs.