SV 400 finishing machine

Horizontal double-axis manual sanding and brushing machine

Designed for customers who need to perform manual sanding and brushing work, VOLPATO’s SV400 finishing machine has a structure that is based on a horizontal double axis.

Why choose it?

Due to a team of highly specialized professionals who have developed it with passion and the aim of fully satisfying customers’ needs, this is a high quality finishing machine, which can facilitate and speed up the operations of numerous carpentry workshops, allowing them to perform essentially manual work. Among the features of this machine are:

  • Variable rotation speed by inverter (from 0 to 550 rpm)
  • Servo-ventilated motor

What accessories are included?

In addition to the service keys, instruction booklet and the CE regulations, VOLPATO, to offer a complete service, will deliver the finishing machine complete with accessories. In fact, by choosing this machine, you will be provided with some useful tools for your work operations. Specifically, you will receive:

  • 2 brushes of 300 x 400mm diameter
  • 2 x 100mm diameter suction hoods
  • Interchangeable grain sander inserts
Forced ventilation motorKw 0,4
Rotation speedfrom 0 to 550 rpm
Brush shaft30 mm
Brush Ø300 mm
Brush maximum lenght400 mm
Dust hood 2xDiam.2xDiam.100 mm
Dimensions1200x530x1050 mm
Weight120 Kg.