SPO 600 finishing machine

Brushing and grinding machine with two working rollers

To meet the needs of clients performing brushing and grinding operations, VOLPATO proposes the SPO 600 finishing machine. This two-roller machine is designed by the company to offer customers the opportunity to obtain a high quality finished product.

What are the advantages of using this machine?

This is a versatile finishing machine by VOLPATO, offering different functions. Furthermore, as with any of the company’s products, it is designed by a team of experts that respects the highest production standards and would like to offer the most advantages as possible. Using this machine will provide benefits regarding:

  • Finishing depth
  • The possibility to place in line

For which customers?

Due to its multifunctional characteristics, this is an ideal finishing machine for kitchen door manufacturers, who need a machine that will allow them to create a wide range of finished products, with differing sizes and characteristics.


Working width600 mm
Maximum thickness of the workpiece330 mm
Opening sided for the double passage of wider pieces
Brushes 90 degrees to feed or with inclination0-10°
Maximum diameter of brushes320 mm
Strip system sanding brushes available
Variable speed of brushes by 2 inverters180 – 600 gpm
Forward/reverse sanding units
Manual height adjusment with handwheel0-330 mm
Variable speed conveyor belt3-15 m/min
Height of the worktable with adjustable feet800-850 mm
Height adjustable brushes
Extraction (diameter)2 x 180 mm
Emergency stop button
Brush motor (each head) sanding and denibbing2 x 4 kw ; bross
on shaft brush 8,8 kw
Conveyor belt motor0,55 kw
Net weight700 kg
Dimensions2150 mm (LENGHT)
1250 mm (WIDTH)
1553 mm (HEIGHT)