RCG 1200 finishing machine

Grinding and calibrating station

Among the VOLPATO productions, you will find the RCG 1200 finishing machine. This machine can be used to perform calibration and grinding operations and is designed by a team of professionals with long-term experience in the field and a profound understanding of their customers’ needs.

Why use it?

For the manufacture of all its machinery, VOLPATO follows very high production standards. This careful attention during the manufacturing phase, ensures that the customer will obtain a high performance finishing machine, that can guarantee they will receive an excellent finished product. Furthermore, the machine is particularly useful for companies that require a product which offers:

  • Great power development
  • Higher belt level
  • Oscillating abrasive belt


Max. working lenght1200 mm
Max. working width1200 mm
Max. working height230 mm
Belt dimension250 x 3280 mm
Lateral working table920 x 350 mm
Belt driving motor7,5 kw + 7,5 kw
Motor for oscillation0,15 kw + 0,15 kw
Sanding belt speed26 mt/sec
Overall dimensions2200 x 1900 x 1150 mm
Total weight1200 kg