NTS 150/C sanding machinery

Small vertical belt sanding station

Among the machines produced by VOLPATO, the NTS 150/C sander is a small vertical belt sanding station. The development and production process is completely supervised by the experienced corporate staff, who work with passion and professionalism to always offer the best to their customers.

Why use it?

Aware of the high demands and of the elevated production standards of their customers, the company offers this machine of functional sanding. In fact, every one of its features has been designed to facilitate the task of the VOLPATO customer and guarantee them a competitive advantage. Among the features that are useful for this, are:

  • 45° tilting work bench
  • The possibility to sand curved pieces using the roller provided
  • Mechanical oscillation with a dedicated motor via a connecting rod/crank system

For which professionals?

The machine can achieve good standards of finish, although its use requires the operator to contribute some physical effort. It is for this reason that the sander is ideal for small-scale businesses, or craftsmen with small batches that have differing details requiring machinery that is not too bulky.

Piano lavoro per impiallacciati11” x 39,4”280 x 1000 mm.
Piano di lavoro inclinabile11,4” x 37,8”300 x 950 mm.
Sviluppo nastro abrasivo6” x 104”150 x 2580 mm.
Rullo condotto3”diam. 75 mm.
Piano lavoro supplementare13” x 13”300 x 300 mm.
Rullini abrasivi disponibili1”-1 1/4”-1 1/2”-1 3/4”-2”25-30-35-40-45-50 mm.
Motore traino nastro5 HP4 HP
Motore per oscillazione0,5 HP0,5 HP
Corsa oscillante3/4”20 mm.
Misure d’ingombro35” x 44” x 71”1820 x 1050 x 1470 mm.
Peso macchina880 Lbs400 kg.