NTC 1600 Universal sander

Sanding machine with oscillating, abrasive belt

Among the numerous VOLPATO models, the NTC 1600 universal sander represents a solution that can be defined as standard. The small sanding centre has been developed by a team of highly trained professionals, who work paying special attention to their customers in order to offer them maximum efficiency.

Why choose it?

This model proposed here is an excellent machine for sanding. The company team, in fact, has included in the machinery certain technologies that can simplify the life of those working in the industry. Specifically, among the advantages in using the machine are:

  • Processing all around the belt due to the large cast iron work table
  • Manual adjustment of the vertical swing position to better use abrasive belt height
  • Possibility to use any type of abrasive wheel for profiles; curved or straight, of different essences, paint or other


What is your industrial target?

The machine in question is a sander suitable for small businesses, that need to attain a good level of finish. It can also be mounted onto wheels to be transported more easily. The machine also requires the indispensable input of physical effort from the operator, in order to work correctly.


Main motor4 HP
Oscillation motor0,5 HP
Abrasive belt160 x 2640 mm.
Belt speed14 m/sec.
Working table670 x 1700 mm.
Main pulley rubberizeddiam. 195 mm.
Idler roller rubberizeddiam. 75 mm.
Overall dimensions1700 x 670 x 1200 mm.
Net weight300 kg.