LVO 150T Sander

Unilateral sanding machine

The LVO 150T Sander is made by VOLPATO complying with extremely high production standards. This result is achieved through the consistent commitment to the training of company staff, who work with passion to provide excellent technical and commercial support to corporate customers.

What advantages does it offer?

With its development aimed at satisfying the needs of each client, this model is a high-performance sanding machine. This machine makes it possible to simplify and speed up the production line, obtaining a finished product of optimal quality. Among the advantages are:

  • Adjustable, independent, mechanical oscillation with a maximum stroke of 20mm
  • The entire sanding unit may be inclined from a maximum vertical position to 45°
  • Having a set of materials that have been carefully studied for rapid assembly

Who is it designed for?

Given its characteristics, this is a sander for small craftsmen, working with small batches that differ from one another, allowing for the insertion of two groups in order to control their removal. Finally, it offers a good level of quality for the finished product, even though it requires an indispensable contribution from the operator in physical effort.


MotorHP 3
Oscillation motorHP 0,15
Working table dim950 x 450 mm.
Belt length2580 mm.
Belt width150 mm.
Speed of the abrasive belt14 Mt/sec
Overal dimensions1700 x 1000 x 1150 mm.
Net weight250 kg.